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This course is designed to equip Approved Driving Instructors with the skills and knowledge required to train someone wishing to become a Driving Instructor.

Course Outline

✅ Identify the suitability of the potential Driving Instructor (PDI)
✅ Support and mentor PDI throughout Part 1 Theory
✅ Fast track or easy pace lessons to fit your needs
✅ Support and mentor PDI throughout Part 2 Driving Ability
✅ Understand the Core Competencies, Instructional Techniques & Instructor Characteristics
✅ Understand the DSA marking sheet (ADI 26)
✅ Understand Lesson Planning
✅ Simplify Subject Briefings
✅ How to Role Play
✅ How to simulate faults
✅ Report Writing (Feedback)
✅ Create appropriate routes for Pre set tests (PSTs)
✅ Instructor Trainer Training Sessions

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+44 7985 533 344